In today’s IT driven world and despite most people and organisations becoming habitual to using web based tools for sharing their philosophy, thoughts & messages, a globally recognised fact still rules supreme that -
only a book can provide immortality to the message and the author!

Custom Publishing has therefore emerged as one of the most powerful mediums of influencing human behaviour in a highly cluttered world of information overload. It however requires strategic thinking, customised planning and above all skilful execution to ensure that the target audience does not view the end product merely as a promotional tool.

Our three decade long learning of global practices, combined with tons of execution experience, qualifies us as a national frontrunner in delivering this unique art to meet the strategic, business, branding or even personality related objectives of our customers.

  power of custom publishing
Therefore if you or your organisation has a message, concept or content that needs to be shared with others, then talk to us.

Our team will provide a complete solutions package, comprising of:

. Building the strategy around your objective
. Developing the content
. Complete editorial services suite
. Innovative design & packaging
. Production comparable to global benchmarks, and
. Indian & International - Open market distribution

In addition to earning salience with your stakeholders and immortality for the message, you can also look forward to earning a handsome royalty on copies sold in the open market.

All custom publishing projects are handled with direct customer interface and under the personal supervision of our Founder-CEO, therefore our customers are not only assured of high quality inputs and a product that is comparable to global standards but also in receiving professional advice on tailoring your publication around your desired objective and budget.
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