This photo-book captures glimpses of The Himalayas as seen through the eyes of the Wandering Hermit. His journey through Ladakh, Tibet, Bhutan, Uttarakhand and Kashmir takes him through one of the most fascinating regions of our planet.   wandering hermit-the himalayas Rs. 4950              180 pages
ISBN: 978-93-81320-01-3

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The story of the Himalayas is steeped in ancient lore, legend and mysticism. It is therefore difficult to separate fact from belief, history from legend and seen from the unseen. This magnificent mountain range has so many dimensions that it is impossible to capture even a fraction of all that it embraces.

The Himalayas hold a different meaning for each person. To the mountaineer, it is the challenge of climbing the highest peaks. To the nature lover, it is the lap of Mother Nature, while to the spiritual aspirant it is the path to his ultimate destination.

In his first book, the Wandering Hermit uncovers the meaning of the Himalayas, for himself.

Shakti Singh is a spent his school years in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is here that he developed a great love for nature and the outdoors.

Self-taught, he took up photography during a visit to Bhutan. He wanted to bring home his experiences and the beauty of some of the most extraordinary places that he had visited.

Most of Shakti's photography is centered around travel and landscapes. All photographs of this book were taken by using Nikon cameras.

Shakti lives in a suburb of New Delhi, India.

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