Holistic Homoeopathy for Women
A self-healing manual for Physical & Psychological Wellness


Though it is a known fact that the human mind controls the physical body, this book establishes that not only can emotions, intellect, behaviour, attitude and even thinking have a direct consequence on a woman’s physical condition, infirmity and ailments, but also on their treatment.

Besides developing self-awareness and rational thinking to effectively manage common physical and psychological issues associated with different stages or situations in a woman’s life, this book provides simple guidelines for not only diagnosing common ailments but also in preventing and overcoming them through environmental or behavioural changes.

The book will enhance the reader’s emotional psyche and thought process towards increasing positive energy flow in order to translate into maintaining a healthy physical metabolism.

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Rs. 395              312 pages
ISBN: 978-93-81320-07-5

Written in very simple language and an easy to understand format, this book is intended as a self-help manual.

It will help both male and female readers of all age groups to understand the correlation between a woman’s sickness and disease to her emotional state, besides providing safe, effective and sometimes the only mode of treatment through Holistic Homoeopathy.

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Dr. Poonam Jain is a globally renowned Homoeopathic Practitioner with over three decades of experience in successfully treating numerous patients for asthma, bronchitis, uterine fibroids, ovarian cyst, gastric disorders, paralysis, coma, tumours and cancer. She practices in Delhi and Gurgaon, besides having clinic arrangements in various parts of the world including New York and Dubai.

A regular invitee for lectures on treatment of various types of cancer through alternative systems and natural medicines, she is associated with a number of organisations in the United States, Britain, Dubai and Pakistan.

Her patient list comprises of celebrities and high profile dignitaries. Her articles and interviews are published in various Indian and international health and mainstream magazines.

A university topper, Dr. Jain received her degree in Homoeopathy Sciences from Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College, University of Delhi. She is also qualified in Naturopathy and Pranic Healing. During her initial career, she had the distinction of being trained under several well known practitioners including Dr. Jugal Kishore, Dr. Bansal and Dr. Gopal Azad.


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