The Indian Consumption Story: Real analysis, at last...

“The IRS and this book based on 5 years of IRS data, is the only nationally representative, household survey based reading of what the status of consumption is amongst Indian households today...

There is a lot to learn and reflect on and use this data and analysis... This is welcome rain that ends a very dry spell... This book offers a very rewarding and enlightening journey to a better understanding of the Indian consumption story... And I am delighted and privileged to be able to introduce it and commend it to you...”
rama bijapurkar
-Rama Bijapurkar; renowned market strategist & author (in the Foreword of this ICONIC PUBLICATION)
Guide to Indian Markets Second Edition
An indispensable guide with distilled insights on Indian Consumers, Media & Markets

Data, analysis and narratives based on IRS
( Indian Readership Survey) data, the world's largest
continuous survey.

Showcase key data, trends and comparisons with
IRS 2000 and 2005.

Developed by industry leaders with an
unparalleled track-record:

  the art of effective leadership
    Rs. 9950,  US$ 450            340 pages
ISBN: 978-93-81320-04-4

Comprehensive features and narratives on consumer, media and market trends.
Graphical representation of data covering demographics and media.
Comprehensive information on over 60 product categories.
Exhaustive notes and in-depth support information – appendices, index and glossary.
Ranks districts based on affluence levels and key profile indicators such as media
consumption and ownership of products.

Provides extensive information on:
The richest and poorest districts of India.
Usage of Consumer Durables, Food & Beverages, Personal & Household products across, zonal, population strata and SEC levels, alongwith in-depth analysis on frequency of consumption/ purchase and profile of users.
Media reach and penetration of television (including cable & satellite), household/individual demographic indicators – classified by states, zones and key cities.

Profiles and understands factors influencing:
Growth of consumer segments, including rural buyers.
Changing consumption patterns across affluence levels.
Growth of leading corporates vis-à-vis consumer base.
The divide between India's richest and poorest villages.
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