Power to the Users: Design, Development and Use


Health Information is increasingly gaining importance as a strategic resource and tool for laying the foundation of any improvement in the public health domain of developing countries.

Besides being of poor quality, very often the available information is not usable or provided in appropriate formats for decision makers, since it is not integrated across health programmes or administrative levels. This book therefore attempts to understand the challenges, both at the technical and institutional levels. It also endeavours to develop a framework that would allow various involved systems to speak with each other, besides providing more power to the users, the basis of integrated and better quality information processes.

The authors draw upon over 15 years of their respective engagements with health information systems across a

the rise and rise of jugaad
Rs. 1095              384 pages
ISBN: 978-93-81320-06-8

variety of developing countries, under the framework of the Health Information Systems Programme (HISP) to develop a conceptual perspective on building and using an Integrated Health Information Architecture and to share their experience and knowledge in demonstrating how practical and effective implementation is possible.

The book also shares all-embracing information on District Health Information System (DHIS), a product of the HISP Network, developed as a concrete proof of concept on how IHIAs can be built, drawing upon multiple examples from several countries.

vrender kapoor
Jørn Braa is a faculty member at the University of Oslo and a core member of the HISP team since its launch in South Africa, in the mid 90's. Besides being an active field-worker, he has supported HIS implementation across a number of countries in Africa and Asia.

Jørn has been instrumental in developing the distributed open-source software development network, centred on the DHIS2 application. He is particularly interested in exploring ways to manage access and use data to improve health services delivery, management and policy making at all levels of the health system. Action Research is the foundation for his research – put to context and local use of information, besides participatory design of software applications.

Sundeep Sahay is a faculty member at the University of Oslo and a core member of the HISP team for over a decade. He has also established HISP India, an NGO that actively supports health information systems of several Indian state governments.

Sundeep is deeply interested in the relation between technology and development and pursues his passion through research and practice in different settings and environments.

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